Class of 2018 Recap

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Class of 2018

A Retail Space

New York City, U.S.

A Retail Space finds the perfect location for your business through data.


Berlin, Germany is an ROI-driven occupancy analytics platform for flexible office space providers and corporate real estate managers.


Hong Kong, China

Booqed is a digital platform for businesses to find the short-term spaces they need quickly and easily, while helping landlords monetize their spaces.


Toronto, Canada

Lane is a tenant experience platform designed to build community, connectivity and engagement at any office building.


Toronto, Canada

MapYourProperty is a Google Maps / Zillow for Real Estate Land Development, simplifying the planning process to a 3-click solution.


Göteborg, Sweden

Raybased provides Commercial Building Owners a smart building control platform that leverages wireless technology to enable predictive maintenance of key building systems.


Dallas, U.S.

RefineRE leverages real-time market data to provide CRE portfolio intelligence for organizations looking to make smarter, better and faster decisions about buying, selling, leasing, expanding, or downsizing their property footprint.


London, U.K.

SPCE partners with universities and higher education bodies to enhance their student experience, by becoming their first point of call for the provision of off-campus student accommodation in the UK and North America.


Denver, U.S.

Upsuite is where teams go to find coworking spaces.

10 startups completed the Accelerator program

150+ Colliers and industry mentors provided expert guidance

600+ Colliers people, clients, industry professionals and technology investors attended Demo Day

9 pilot programs launched

4 partnerships announced… and counting

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Demo Day 2018: Colliers Proptech Accelerator powered by Techstars


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Class of 2018: Colliers Proptech Accelerator powered by Techstars


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Gig economy could spawn Vancouver ‘micro-lease’ office


Colliers International Launches Partnership with Upsuite